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Excerpt & description from the upcoming Book 4 in The Blood Prophecy Series 
Blood Pride
War with the Witches

The coven chanted louder and louder as Lucus stood holding the demon’s gold medallion between his thumb and forefingers. Bolts of lightning raced from the ground up through his free hand that pointed toward the earth, and the once silver dollar-sized medallion grew four times larger as its black center stone turned molten red. Lucus yelled into the air, “You call yourself a king? Your nothing more than a stupid girl who never suspected a thing!” Thick yellow smoke began to pour from the center of the stone, and with a tremendous clap of thunder, the thick smoke jumped into the waiting body that would serve as the evil demon Ordog’s newest host. So, mote it be, so mote it be…”



Traditionally witches have been known for having familiars, most commonly black cats. But the Szeged witches get their power from a blood-thirsty demon, which allows them to become their familiars, shapeshift at will into big wild cats. Now, Helena must face a war with witches she knows are out for her blood. Unaware that some of the allies in her vampire world are conspiring against her right under her nose. What she doesn't know could destroy her as well as enslave all the vampires she rules over. Can Helena win this war while facing her fears of doing it all without the support of the two oldest vampire brothers? The battle against her fears may be the deciding factor on who’ll win this war.​


Tenzi Moscato was born in Hartford, Connecticut, to Hungarian, first-generation immigrant parents. Her first language was Hungarian which caused plenty of learning difficulties once she started school, as well as being dyslexic and other learning disabilities. This left her to spend a great deal of time alone where her wild imagination kept her company. No one, including herself, would have ever dreamed she’d become an author of dark fantasy fiction.“Teach the skeletons in your closet how to dance.”Author unknown

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Some Reviews for The Blood Prophecy

The Blood Prophecy

Amazon Customer

Pulse Pounding Good Read!

February 14, 2021

Format : Paperback | Verified Purchase

A fast paced ride through the blood driven world of the original vampires whose existence is imperiled due to dwindling "food" (shall we say) sources. Although guised in glamour, and in some cases wealth, power, and prestige, these beings are still very much little more than blood drinking, treacherous beasts. This book documents one young woman of Hungarian birth's first steps toward fulfilling an ancient prophecy, despite her reluctance and unwillingness to give up her normal life. Pulse pounding! Rife with incredible monsters and horrifying moments, this is a terrifying look at old world vampires maneuvering to survive in modern times. I can hardly wait for Book Two in this series. I'm hooked!

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The Blood Prophecy

John Boulette

A female Stephen King

February 1, 2021

Format : Paperback

Tenzi is sensational. Her imagination is amazing and dark. If you are looking for a love story you won’t find it here. But if you want a crazy vampire story with blood, gore, sex and drama. This is the book for you. I couldn’t put her book down. Her monsters are fantastic. You will keep wanting more.

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The Blood Prophecy


Amazingly Entertaining

February 1, 2021

Format : Paperback

Hell of a joy ride. Reminiscent of early Laura Hamilton. You cannot help but fall in love or absolutely hate these characters. Elek is a love, while Timegin is psychopathic, blood sucking, fiend--and that's being kind!! Can't wait for the next installment, Tenzi. When can we expect it?!!

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Third Book of The Blood Prophecy Series

Tenzi Moscato is extremely proud and excited to share their latest work Blood Jealousy, The Vampire Wedding. Book 3 in The Blood Prophecy Series. The project might have been a lengthy one, but this was one story that really needed to be told.


The Blood Prophecy

Book One

Available on Amazon

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The Sound of Blood: Book two of The Blood Prophesy Series

Book Two of The Blood Prophecy Series.
Available Now On Amazon!

It’s been a long time coming and the wait is over. "The Sound of Blood”, the latest title from Tenzi Moscato is finally here!

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