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Best Horror Novels: The Blood Prophecy Series

If you're a fan of the best horror and vampire novels, you'll want to read The Blood Prophecy series by fantasy author, Tenzi Moscato, Her fantasy novel, "The Blood Prophecy," is the first in the series.

The best horror novels get readers invested in their protagonist. That way, when terror strikes, it's all the more suspenseful and frightening. Likewise, some of the best horror novels are about vampires. This fantasy author illustrates the horror genre with vampires in her fantasy novel.

Tenzi Moscato uses these best horror archetypes to draw her readers in, starting with the fantasy novel, "The Blood Prophecy." Helena finds herself in a horrific battle with the king of the vampires and his brothers. You'll feel invested from the start as you root for Helena in her attempts to beat the evil entity at its own game. Reviews call the first book in the series: "A pulse-pounding good read!"— "Amazingly entertaining," — and one fan calls Moscato" a female Stephen King."

Fans continue to rave about the series through books two and three. In book two, "The Sound of Blood," Helena is in the world of vampires and must survive the hives. Readers agree— they're hooked. Moscato continues the blood-bath with "Blood Jealousy: The Vampire Wedding." The third book in the series brings to mind a quote from The Godfather, Part II, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer."

Moscato's characters reflect the darker side of humanity, with a protagonist who must work to overcome the evil she encounters. Unlike many modern vampire tales, Moscato's is hardcore the best horror.

The author also has several short stories, including:

  • "Finger Sandwiches," included in the Gorefications II Anthology

  • "The Price of Blood," included in the Suffer Eternal III Anthology

  • "Tools of Destruction" included in the Serial Killer Tres Tria Anthology

  • "Prey for the Devil for the Dark," included the Limelight Anthology

  • "Eating Vegan" included in the Nightmare Illustrated ezine

You can order all three horror novels from The Blood Prophecy series online on Amazon—Kindle or paperback.

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