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War with the Witches

Rushing down the staircase, I found Elek and the three guards in full vampire mode, fangs extended, talons out as they all pressed against the kitchen door, struggling to keep Danuta from bursting all the way in or pulling Jessica all the way out, keeping the door from closing. Danuta’s strength must have been growing as her coven got bigger or my blood drinkers should have been able to stop her. The enormous noise from Jessica’s shrieking, the witches in their wild, big cat forms all growling, reverberating

through the small kitchen like a massive storm. Ruby was the only one who even noticed that I had entered the kitchen.

“Oh, Doll! What do we do? What do we do?!”

The smell of blood filled the room as Danuta’s lion paw clung to Jessica’s leg. My head swam with adrenaline, keeping me from having any thoughts other than pure panic. All that registered in my mind was, this is the end. The witches are going to win.

That was when I felt the warm hand on my shoulder. A strong smell of cloves filled my nose and everything around me abruptly went quiet. My eyes watched the chaos unfolding before me yet my ears heard nothing for a moment as if time itself had slowed to a crawl. An icy breeze blew down the back of my neck and a soft whisper filled my ears, “Love is for the weak, and I am on my knees.”

My heart began to beat in hard rhythms, feeling all my blood rush to my head as shock ran through me as if hit by lightning. This can’t be. The dead can’t speak to the living, even if they were once the king of the vampires

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