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Good News - Bad News

So much going on right now, which has led to the good news, bad news situation. Let me start with the good news since I’m incredibly excited about it. I’ve finished my first ‘who done it.’ I’ve always loved a good murder mystery but never had the guts to try and write one. I’ve since grown a pair and went for it. Inferno of Secrets is in the editing process, and with fingers crossed, it should be ready to publish in three to four months. As excited as I am about this new venture, the bad news is it’s put book four of The Blood Prophecy behind schedule. No worries, it’s coming!

I hope for those fabulous fans of mine who have been enjoying the series, this will be good news, even if it’s a bit delayed. The silver lining is this hold-up gives those of you who haven’t read The Blood Prophecy series yet more time to get on board with a new kind of Vampire that’s sure to get into your blood. Bru-ha-ha-ha! I know a bit punny, but damn they’re fun. You don’t want to fall behind, so pick up your copy of The Blood Prophecy today to be ready for book four when it comes out and be part of the continued drama of Helena Gray’s life amongst the vampires.

As always, please share your thoughts on the books and leave a review on Amazon! Or message me directly. I’m always interested in what you think.

I love and appreciate all of you who have chosen to join my quirky blood club.

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