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Vampire Novels

Vampire Novels: The Blood Prophecy by Tenzi Moscato

Do you love blood-soaked vampire novels? Maybe you're looking for fresh vampire novels to sink your teeth into this year. "The Blood Prophecy" by Tenzi Moscato is book one in The Blood Prophecy series. If you love vampire novels, the series follows Moscato's protagonist, Helena, through a bloody game of cat and mouse.

She's fueled by vampire blood as she battles the vampire king and his two brothers. Moscato keeps her readers on the edge of their seats as the vampire king fights to possess Helena's power. As with all the best horror novels, the author throws the reader into Helena's blood-soaked world. You'll feel invested in her fight for survival and root for this fierce protagonist as she attempts to beat the vampire king at his manipulative games.

Order the first three vampire novels in The Blood Prophecy series online today.

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